“It’s all about color!” That’s the official word coming from Marcellas Reynolds this spring, and we could not be more excited to bring you all of our new colorful creations. Here are four ways you can add a brightly hued flash to any outfit:

1. Monochromatic

Wearing one color from head to toe is the perfect way to show off your style. Pick your favorite shade, or whatever color matches your state of mind that day! Ready to make a sultry and powerful impression? All red is sure to wow. Feeling bright and sunny? Pair a yellow dress with some heels of the same color and let your light shine.

woman wearing a blue fringe pant set

2. Color Blocking

Can’t pick between your two favorite colors? You don’t have to! Embrace your multi-dimensional style by color blocking. This absolutely on-trend look is easy to achieve and certain to leave you looking fabulous. Pair two bright hues together, like a magenta top and bright green pants. The contrast will perfectly highlight the many facets of your personality.

woman wearing a color block dress

Curvaceous Colorblock Dress

3. Pop of Color

Even if you’re a fan of black and white, you can still embrace vibrant spring style through little pops of color. For example, a white dress is the perfect backdrop for a bold, brightly hued necklace. If you’re matching a black blouse with dark jeans, use a colorful fashion scarf to add a splash of variety into your look.

woman wearing a bright Jeweled Scarf

Jeweled Scarf

4. Fascinating Patterns

Patterns that take advantage of color are the best patterns around! Keep your sights set on tops and dresses with eye-catching designs featuring unexpected color combinations. Use opposite ends of the color wheel to find the most eye-catching combinations – blue and orange, purple and yellow, and pink and green all work together perfectly. If you see a patterned piece that boasts any of these combos, do not miss the chance to add it to your collection!

woman wearing colorful printed top

Crossover Top