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Coats With Style from Marcellas Reynolds

Taylor Coat Vest!

Marcellas Reynolds working with Midnight Velvet Fashion Stylist

There are many reasons in fashion to be excited about Fall and Winter.

Fall and Winter means layering, sweaters, suede and leather, BOOTS and of course, cute coats!

Dressing well for colder temps is about the mix! It’s often hard to be inspired especially by winter clothes. You are basically trying to stay warm and brave the elements! But I believe that if you look cute you will be happier!



A Cute Coat Adds Zing

Coats are that utilitarian thing you need and must wear A LOT! So you might as well get something super cute. A cute coat adds a little zing to your day. Here at Midnight Velvet we’ve got a gazillion wonderful options for your every mood!

Sonja Coat
Sonja Coat

The Perfect Fall Coat

From the moment I saw it I fell in love with our True Red Trench. It’s the perfect Fall coat! The trench is a modern classic that goes with just about everything. In our video “Amplify Your Style With A Red Trench” I show you 2 different ways to wear it. It’s great for a polished work look. And in our true red it’s the cutest when paired with jeans and boots for a fab weekend look too!

True Red Trench

Warmth & Style

If cute with a side of style is what you are looking for we have it in our Taylor Coat Vest! This look is so hot. It adds warmth and style over your jacket or wear it alone as a stylish standout! How would I style it? Over a dark denim jacket, or even a leather biker jacket for the weekend. Or even a cozy, chunky sweater! You can dress this statement coat up or down! It’s just got incredible WOW factor.


Fab Faux Fur

Now if you wanna slay the competition. If everyday is an opportunity to work that runway… Then the Faux Fur Leopard Colorblock Coat is the one to get! Now! This coat is the chic-est. The asymmetrical collar, and the sleek black modernity, stylishly paired with the leopard faux fur? It’s got that look that gets the looks. Trust me everyday someone is going to ask “Girl where did you get that coat?” It’s up to you if you want to tell them! This is the coat to wear with your suit to work or over you dress for a dazzling night out!

Faux Fur Leopard Colorblock Coat
Faux Fur Leopard Colorblock Coat

Coat season is here and at Midnight Velvet trust me, we got what you need! I’m your personal fashion stylist, Marcellas Reynolds.

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    1. Hi Milagros, we will send you a catalog. We deleted your address for security reasons.

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  2. Love the new looks. Thank you MRcellas

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    1. Sorry to hear this Shirley! Could you email us your address and we’ll send one right away!

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        1. Sure Dalila! And we deleted your personal info for security purposes. You should receive a catalog soon!

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