Looking for an new dress for a special evening? Or how about a new sassy number positively made for dancing? Maybe you need a smart, professional look? If you want to know what to wear to accentuate your best attributes, while subtly minimizing potential problem areas-look right here. Dresses are an easy and effortless way to look fabulous and to secure your spot on the best dressed list.

Call of the Wild
Animal prints paired with spicy colors add an alluring, glamorous appeal to your wardrobe. A peacock print, leopard, or snakeskin are all making an appearance this Fall. A perfect evening dress, with all the right flattering touches. Don’t forget  the perfect finishing touch with jewelry!

Animal prints paired with spicy colors add an alluring, glamorous appeal to your wardrobe.

Marvelously Chic
There’s a good reason why sheath dresses have stood the test of time–they look great on most everyone. This season adds a menswear twist with business-like tweed and faux leather embellishments for added intrigue.

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Sassy & Sexy
Get ready to dance the night away in a flowy, flattering red dress. A staple for every woman’s closet is that one dress that encourages you to twirl the night away. Date night here you come! (Don’t forget the heels!)

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Max Out
Easy elegance, smooth-draping, and comfortably chic all describe the maxi dress. It’s no wonder they have become a go-to favorite every season. When the weather turns cooler, long sleeves and a sweater material is a must!

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Glimmer & Glam
When the “honor of your presence” has been requested for a special event, start with something versatile, yet glamorous. A jacket dress or suit is a perfect special occasion outfit. Beautiful beading and sparkling sequins will have you feeling gorgeous in no time.

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What style of dress is your favorite to wear? Tell us in the comments below.