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Beauty in Bloom: Fun Ways to Wear Floral

Azalea Beaded Floral Dress

Spring is here, and you know what that means. The birds are chirping, the sun is (hopefully) shining and you get finally get to change up your wardrobe. So what should be in every woman’s closet during spring? Florals. Here are some of the benefits to rocking this look:

Plenty to choose from

The best part about these blooming patterns is that they come in a variety of shapes, prints and colors – so there’s definitely something for everyone. Gone are the days of only pink- and purple-colored flowers dresses. Not only can you choose from certain types of prints, but you also get your choice on what clothes feature florals.

Feminine and fun

Sometimes, you just want to rock something flirty and fresh – florals are perfect for that. You’ll love the feminine appearance of these blooms. Each piece of clothing will make you feel ready to conquer anything life throws at you with grace.

Floral Shade Dress
Floral Shade Dress

“Florals are of the most versatile patterns.”

Any occasion

One of the best parts about floral is that you can wear it just about anywhere. It can brighten up an everyday office look or work great for a special party dress. This pattern is incredibly versatile, because it’s found on so many different articles of clothing (and accessories).

Now that you know the perks to wearing florals, here are some ways to style these blooming looks this spring.:

1. Put it on your toes

For women that are looking to jump feet first into spring, it’s time to shop for a pair of floral pumps or women’s ballet flats. This is a great way to class up a casual, everyday outfit. With floral shoes, you can keep your entire getup simple so your toes pop!

Floral Print Slingback by Classique
Floral Print Slingback by Classique

2. Add some accessories

Wearing accessories is one of the easiest ways to integrate patterns into your wardrobe. For instance, try a fashion necklace. You’d be surprised at how many pieces of jewelry are adorned with roses or daisies  – two classic looks.

But your options don’t end there. Trying to spice up a monochromatic outfit? Do so with a large, flower-patterned tote bag. It will complete your getup. Fashion scarves are also a great way to add a little spice to your everyday look. You could even match your fashion scarf to your bag so your entire look is put together.

Bag-In-Bag Tote
Bag-In-Bag Tote

3. Combine pattern with color

If you’re opting for either a top or bottom that rocks this botanical print, you’re going to want to be careful when it comes to styling. Combine a solid-colored item with the pattern so your outfit doesn’t look too busy or overdone. For example, if you’re wearing a floral pencil skirt, you may want to opt with a solid-colored blouse. If you can, try and match the color of the shirt with one of the shades in the pattern so your look matches – in a good way.

integrate prints into your wardrobe as a finishing touch.
Integrate prints into your wardrobe.

4. Try menswear

If you’re worried about floral looking too girly or juvenile, there’s an easy solution: menswear. Pieces like blazers or loafers will allow you to turn down the soft effect of floral while still maintaining the feminine touch. Instead, you’ll look stylish and mature – perfect for the office or a business lunch.

Lace/Linen-Look Jacket
Lace/Linen-Look Jacket

5. Pastels are a must

Nothing looks better than pastels and floral together. The combination between this print and its hues is both romantic and fresh. If you’re wearing a neutral outfit, this can give your ensemble the extra kick it needs. Just throw on a floral headband or overcoat, and your look will bloom!

Azalea Beaded Floral Dress
Azalea Beaded Floral Dress

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Azalea beaded floral dress…..How much is this dress. What sizes are available. Thanks!!

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Published on May 05 2016

Last Updated on May 15 2016

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