Every year, American fashion designers push the envelope to bring consumers new styles and trends. While many items may be a little pric​ey for the average person, there’s always a way to replicate these fads and make them your own. One such technique is to utilize the bright colors the masters of design use in your own wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to take a cue from American fashion: Get loud.

Try color blocking

It’s been all over the runways in recent years, and this trend is one that has quickly become a fashion staple. While color blocking may seem like a challenging concept to incorporate into your wardrobe, don’t be apprehensive. It’s easier than it looks. The key is to understand what colors complement one another. There are three terms related to the 12-tone color wheel you should keep in mind, according to Birchbox:

  • Complementary: Opposite one another on the wheel, like red and green.
  • Triad: Two or three colors that are each four spaces apart, like purple, green and orange.
  • Analogous: Shades that are all beside one another, like pink, magenta and violet.

So try an outfit that pairs navy women’s dress pants with a teal tunic top and purple strappy heels. These three hues are analogous to one another and work well together.

The 12-tone color wheel will help you color block.
The 12-tone color wheel will help you color block.

Wear a print

Patterns have always been a cornerstone of fashion. The versatility they offer makes them perfect as layering pieces or for an outfit as whole. A printed skirt in Kelly green paired with a navy belt and a classic white button down is a strong option, but you can also wear a patterned dress with fine gold jewelry. Try a simple silhouette to wear with a print in fashion’s loudest colors.

Don’t skimp on the accessories

If you’re worried about incorporating bright colors into your wardrobe, there’s an easy way to transition these pieces into your daily look. Colorful accessories like leather crossbody bags in fuchsia pink or wedge heels in neon green are simple introductions you can make to spice up your outfit and rock those bold shades you’ve been wanting to try. Keep the color wheel in mind; sticking with hues in the same family is a smart strategy for adding various fashion accessories without overwhelming your style.