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Fab Tip: Bedroom Decor Little Touches

Little Touches in your bedroom

Make your bedroom feel like a luxurious escape by adding extravagant elements, like a pile of pillows, a satin duvet cover or an elegant perfume bottle. Those little touches will make it feel like a pampering retreat.

Little Touches in your bedroom

Comments (3)

Wanda Benefield

Very nice.This would make someone feel very good .

Paul- Lloyds Storage Beds

Love it! simplicity often works well in decorating a bedroom particularly for those who want nothing more than serenity but I have to be honest and say i absolutely love the drama that a bit of bold colour and some bold pieces can create!


You are exactly right about the little touches. They go a long way and a few small things make a huge difference. Thanks so much for sharing!

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Published on Feb 15 2015

Last Updated on Feb 18 2015

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