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Winter Retreat

A Victorian style electric fireplace with mirror detail surrounding the firebox with faux burning logs.

Those outside temps have you seeking a warm retreat inside? Make your home the destination for all things cozy and warm with a few perfect additions.

Cue the Firelight

There’s nothing like the warmth of a fireplace to make a room feel cozy and inviting. Even if your room didn’t come with a built-in fireplace, you can add an electric fireplace to any room in your home. Guest bedrooms, a study, and family dens can all benefit from a warm glow.

Mirrored Fireplace

Sweet Dreams

A cold weather forecast is reason enough to hibernate in a super soft bed and wait out the storm. Feather your nest with rich textures and luxurious fabrics in comforters and pillows to transform your bedroom into a true retreat.

Champ des Fleurs Bedding

Change the View  

Gaze at the changing weather all day long, but do it from a beautifully framed window. Hang a scalloped valance to give your windows a touch of elegance. You can even try hanging curtains slightly higher than your window to create the illusion of added height to your room.

Treasure Beaded Window Treatment

Snuggle Up

Practicality and glamour collide to keep away the chills when you toss a super soft and ultra-luxurious faux fur throw across sofas, chairs or at the foot of your bed. Even when you’re not using it to snuggle while watching TV, it adds an element of dramatic décor.

Teal Boucle Throw

Find Inspiration

Cloudy days call for a little extra light and inspiration inside. Cluster a set of LED candles on your entryway table or on a guest room bath counter. The light helps guests find their way with a welcoming warm glow.

Inspirational candles

How do you make your home a winter retreat? Comment below.

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Published on Jan 26 2015

Last Updated on Feb 24 2015

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