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Wall-Worthy Art

Wall art can come in many shapes and styles. Don't lock yourself into one big piece. Try a multi-piece set to fill up space in a dramatic way.

If your walls could talk…you’d find a way to make them happy! Decorating walls is an incredible way to take your style to the next level. From gorgeous mirrors to candlelit sconces to inspirational metal art, it’s easy to give your walls a makeover.

Looking for the perfect way to display your favorite art? Need to dress up a naked wall? Both are common problems but easily solved. Use the simple tips and tricks outlined below to make your walls flower!

Mix & Match
Wall art comes in many shapes and styles and there’s no need to stay matchy-matchy. Assemble a multi-piece set with a variety of shapes and sizes for dramatic eye-popping pizazz. The colors don’t have to match. Staying in the same tones or hues will make them look like they belong together. Try a bunch of canvas prints in bold hues, a set of framed botanical prints, or dimensional art panels. Your house will soon look like a beautiful movie set.

Wall art

Create Ambience 
Use candle wall sconces to greet guests with a soft, welcoming glow. Harsh overhead lights can overpower a space and tabletop lamps can create too much of a focal point, so opt for flanking elegant candle sconces on each side of your entryway table for warm, romantic ambience.

Wall Sconces

Reflect Your Style
Decorating with mirrors is always a good idea! Mirrors work well for many different reasons. They create the illusion of more space and brighten rooms. Choose a frame that inspires you and represents your personal style. How about a mirror surrounded by trumpet-shaped flowers, each furled around a trio of faceted beads? Or an exquisite fleur-de-lis frame for a country French look? Oversized mirrors offer a myriad of design options. Make them work for your space and style.

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 9.23.25 PM

Make It Meaningful
There are so many wall art options. Choose pieces that mean something to you, evoke fond memories, or make you feel good. Your wall dressing should reflect a sense of your taste and deeper self. Your spiritual self will be enriched when you choose uplifting pieces for your home. Honoring the profound faith and strength of women, go for Sunday Morning Canvas Art.  Or how about a Praises Framed Art that says, “When the praises go up, the blessings rain down.” There’s inspirational art all over. All you have to do is choose your favorites.

Your wall dressing should reflect a sense of your tastes and deeper selves.

Get Creative
If picture frames, mirrors, or wall art don’t interest you, take a look at all the options for wall accents. Crystal flowers, leaf plates, and sparkle wall clusters will delight the eye and lift moods. Indulge your walls with something whimsical, glamorous, and most importantly–unique. No one else will have butterflies flying inside their living room, so get ready for some fun conversations!

Get Creative with butterfly stickers.

Re-pin your favorite wall decor on our Wall-Worthy Pinterest Board. 

Comment below and tell us what wall art you are most excited about!

Comments (3)

Nelly Bloom

Love the decoration! The wall accents are excellent. They can delight your eye and heighten your mood. Looking forward to see some of your wonderful creation.

Adele Conner

It would be nice to have beautiful things to decorate my home at a cheaper price.

Yvette Gonzalez Rodriguez

I’m in love with a particular piece but it’s no longer in stock. Is there any way or person that is interested in selling this piece… it’s called Heshima silhouette wall art. I african noblewoman…

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Published on Mar 16 2015

Last Updated on May 06 2015

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