This season’s most showstopping trends have a little bit of something for everyone, from color​-blocks and monochromatic styles to fun, bright patterns. As spring rolls around, we can enhance our space and re-energize our wardrobe. It’s finally time to put away the chunky knits and snow boots and bust out your embellished flats and floral-print dresses.  However, it’s not just your closet that can use a little sprucing up this season. Since the contemporary look is so “in” right now, it’s easy to work statement pieces into your living space in the form of bright, bold furniture or even stylish rugs to really draw attention. Work your favorite color into your home’s neutral palette!

Take a look our Spring Style Guide “Go Contemporary this Spring with Pops of Color”

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Midnight Velvet Spring 2017


No matter what trends you decide to adopt this spring, there’s no doubt you’ll find a way to make them your own! While Midnight Velvet will always be your destination for style inspiration, our shoppers have a knack for kicking our looks up a notch. Let your style shine through your home and wardrobe!

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