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Revamping your space with new lighting

Lighting Ideas

Do you find yourself bored with your home decor but torn about how to go about changing it up? You may not have the budget at the moment to purchase big-ticket items like a new sofa or dining set, or if your home is a rental, you may just be stuck with the wall colors that you have. A great way to update your room is to swap out your light sources. Here’s how to give your space a whole new look with a simple fixture:

Simple lamps can be spiced up with a patterned shade.

Purple Greek Key Shade Lamp
Purple Greek Key Shade Lamp

Dramatic Lighting

An elaborate chandelier may not be an option in a small kitchen or dining room, but that doesn’t mean that your alternative light fixture can’t make a statement. Opt for a hanging crystal lamp for an elegant and glamorous vibe or a large orb light for something a little more modern. If you haven’t taken a lot of creative liberties in your dining room decor, a large dramatic light fixture can be all it takes to pull the room together in a stylish way.

Decorative Chandelier
Decorative Chandelier

Unique living room Lighting

The living room tends to be a space with so many options when it comes to lighting. Channel a retro vibe with some swag lights, or choose a large floor lamp that reaches over the sofa to illuminate the pages of the book you’re reading. You may nix the idea of lamps in general in favor of fixing sconces to your wall. Just make sure the light fixtures match the rest of the room’s decor. You don’t want an elaborate antique lamp paired with a streamlined midcentury modern style couch.

Beaded Metal Table Lamp
Beaded Metal Table Lamp

Keep it simple 

Sometimes, you’re not interested in purchasing all new light fixtures but still want something different to spruce up a room. If that’s the case, all it could take is purchasing a couple lampshades. This is a good option for rooms with more than one lamp – like one on each nightstand in the bedroom. If you have a plain, basic lamp, give the room a quirky mini makeover with patterned lampshades. If your bedspread or curtains are patterned, however, choose one of the accent colors in the pattern and find lampshades in that color. Not only will this pop of color draw attention to the lamps themselves, but it’ll also cause the accent colors in the rest of the room to stand out.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 11.31.41 AM

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the purple greek lampshade is a heart breaker!!!!

Midnight Velvet

Glad you love it!

Judy Wye

Hi and good morning. How can I order the Purple Greek Key Shade Lamp?

Thank you,
Judy Wye

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Published on Aug 21 2016

Last Updated on Aug 22 2016

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