Today, homeowners look for sources of inspiration wherever they go. Pinterest, essentially an online dreamboard, enables you to save and share some of your favorite ideas. Sorting through the billions of items favorited by their users, the site created a list of their top 20 home trends for 2017. We picked five of our favorites, and here’s how you can incorporate them into your interior and exterior decor:

Our Five Favorite Design Trends

1. Copper accents

Metallic home accessories will never go out of style, but there’s one example that will be all the rage this year: copper. Pinterest users selected small pieces featuring this metal to decorate their homes and you can, too. Metal wall art, like a classic clock with a copper frame, is the perfect addition to a bedroom, while flatware or other kitchen cookware sets with copper accents look sleek, chic and will have visitors asking “Where did you get that?”

2.  Crystals

If you’re looking for standout pieces that will truly set your home apart from the crowd, introduce crystal to your rooms. Since dark paint colors, like navy, are on trend – OK, we’re sneaking in another Pinterest favorite – a chandelier will provide the illumination you need to create a perfect balance. Crystal decorative lamps will also do the trick.

“Find a nightstand that combines functionality with design.”

3. Nightstands

Bedrooms are meant to be a place of comfort, but that doesn’t mean you need to forfeit style. While you may focus on the perfect bedding set to complete your room, don’t forget about complementary pieces. Nightstands have increased 721 percent in searches in 2017, Business Insider reported, so find one that combines functionality with design.

4.  Urban gardens

If you have outdoor living space, you have an extra design opportunity. Exterior accessories and decor are a little different than those that enhance the interior of your home, but can be just as important. Urban gardens are on trend for 2017, according to Pinterest, so make the outside of your home feel like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon with a variety of plant arrangements. Complete your exterior by adding outdoor lounge furniture.

5. Danish hygge

Make your home feel warm and comfortable by incorporating elements of Danish hygge. That means home decor items like a pillow set in a cozy fabric, fuzzy throws and blankets and candleholders that are placed around spaces where you spend the most time, like living rooms.