Spring is the time of year when everything is fresh and new – which means it’s the perfect season to refresh your home’s look! Here are a few different ways you can update your home for spring, to make sure it’s evolving right along with you:


Want to make a bold decoration statement? Bring in some color. Using the same hue throughout a room will tie the whole look together. For a romantic atmosphere, choose a dramatic shade, like burgundy. A picture-perfect way to pull off this decoration scheme? Paint an accent wall your color of choice, and then choose accent pillows and other decorations to match.

You can be just as daring without color, however, provided you fully embrace the minimalist look. Black and white decor creates a stunning monochromatic look that will wow guests and make your home oh-so chic. Want to up this look without abandoning your grey-scale palette? Silvery metallic decorations bring a flash of shine without upsetting the aesthetic.

a colorful bedroom

Babylon Comforter Set


Never underestimate the power of accents. Sure, big pieces of furniture like couches and cabinets will help shape the flow of your room, but accents are what make everything really work. For example, the perfect decoration for an empty wall is an artfully detailed mirror. Figurines and novelty lamps bring empty-looking end tables or consoles into “wow” territory, and candles (lit or unlit) can give a room a homey, conversational feel. Search for accents that show off your interests and personality.

an accent of color with a lamp

Tassels Table Lamp


“The best reason to own a piece of art: because you like it.”

Decorating with works of art is the perfect way to show guests your sense of style. The great thing about art is that it doesn’t have to be any one thing – if you like a piece of art, that’s the best reason of all to display it in you home. Do you fall in love with cityscapes? An artistic rendition of a skyline might be just the thing for your living room. Do you swoon when you’re one with nature? Tree prints and landscapes could be your best bet. Don’t limit yourself to wall hangings, either – statues, sculptures, and artfully designed items like clocks can bring art off the walls and into the room.

Blue wall art

Ikat Hand-Painted Canvas Art


One of the simplest but most effective ways to give your entire house a cohesive look is to incorporate a theme into your design plans. This doesn’t have to be a big deal – in fact, the subtler you can make it, the greater an effect it will have. Your guests will pick up on the fact that your home feels consistent room to room, but it will feel totally natural and effortless.

The best way to do this is to pick a detail that repeats in every room. For example, if you like floral designs, you might have flower-printed accent pillows in the living room. Then, when you move into the dining room, the tablecloths have flower detailing along the edges. There’s a floral print on the shower curtain, and a lovely flower arrangement in the front hall: Every room in your house feels kissed by the secret garden, and you’re basking in the beauty of it all.

colorful wall art

Set of 2 Abstract Floral Wall Art