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Modernize your home for spring

A black faux leather armchair with an animal print pillow, a chrome floor lamp with a black shade, and a copper side table.

We all love to give our homes a little spring cleaning, but have you ever thought about how you can also update your decor? Chances are, your home has a little bit of style from multiple decades past. While this certainly allows your house to take on some of your personality, it can also give the appearance of being a bit of a hodge​-podge. What better time to update your home’s decor and give it a chic, modern look than this spring? Especially since Midnight Velvet has so many affordable, modern pieces!

“Modern design is functional and simple.”

What is modern?

The term “modern decor” doesn’t necessarily just reference pieces from this day and age. This design style is simple and functional. A good example of functionality in modern decor, according to Freshome, is a kitchen with plenty of work space and easy access to all of the cupboards and drawers. This style was exemplified in the 1960s, when “midcentury modern” became one of the hottest trends in recent history. Needless to say, this look is timeless and experiencing a resurgence! Though this design and architecture is the epitome of the term, there are other ways to modernize aspects of your home without having to revamp the entire space.

Red sofa with gray pillows and throw, three sunburst wall mirrors, a gray, black and red swirl rug, and glass topped tables.

Update in a modern way

There are plenty of small ways that you can give your space a fresh, new look. For example, if you love the colorblocking trend that’s become so stylish, why not translate that to your home design as well? Rather than keeping a room neutral, you can add pops of color in the form of an accent wall or accessories like decorative lamps in your living room, or with jumbo pillows in your bedroom.

It’s a good idea to change up whatever you have adorning your space every few years. After all, you originally purchase something to decorate your walls when its beauty catches your eye. However, after a while you’re likely to stop reacting to the decor the same way.  If you’re looking to be wowed by what you decorate your home with again, look no further than a modern, pop-art style design. You’ll get the attention of all of your guests with some inspirational wall art in common gathering areas. Everyone loves a conversation piece!

A black faux leather armchair with an animal print pillow, a chrome floor lamp with a black shade, and a copper side table.

Add some sculptures

While it’s true that a staple of modern decor is to embrace open space, that doesn’t mean you can’t let some of your personality shine through with sculptures or figurines throughout your decor. Try to stick with a theme, though, to maintain a cohesive aesthetic throughout the room. For example, if you’re tying everything together with a zebra print rug or cheetah throw pillows, animal figurines on the shelf above the couch would look right at home!

Black tufted chaise with a white plush throw, chrome floor lamp with three white globes, a black circle TV stand and shelves.

Another way to decorate while still keeping the space looking minimalist is to use large floor vases. While the classic way to adorn these vases used to be pussy willows or silk flowers, a great way to channel more of a chic, modern vibe is to use large leaves – real or faux. Monstera leaves or mother in law’s tongues are great ways to add some color and life to your space. This is also a good method of adding a pop of color. Look for branches that are naturally red or you can even spray paint some leaves to match the room.

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Published on Jan 09 2017

Last Updated on Nov 17 2020

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