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Mixing old and new home decor

decorating with old & new decor

It’s a common misconception that home decor has to fall into one aesthetic – modern, vintage, country, etc. There is plenty of evidence to the contrary, though! Take some of these simple ideas into account while mixing and matching, and your home will take on a charming feel all of its own, without looking like a mod podge of different aesthetics.

Give pieces a new use

Using a vintage dresser as a media console or a classic desk as a home bar are cool and quirky ways to modernize some antique pieces. These will have more personality than a media stand or bar made for those specific purposes, and they will be sure to spark some conversation among house guests!

Your dining set doesn’t have to match

The juxtaposition of a vintage dining table and funky, modern chairs is a cute way to add some flair to your dining room. Try a large, sturdy Victorian-style dining table, with minimalistic modern chairs. Just make sure the chair height isn’t too tall or short to comfortably sit at the table. You can even use a simple table and collect mismatched seats from different eras for a fun and funky look. Your dining room table and chairs can give a rather impersonal space more personality.

Mix & Match Dining Set

Classic cabinetry

Your cabinetry will be the main focal point of your kitchen, but that doesn’t mean that everything in the room has to follow its lead. If you have old, “outdated” looking cabinets that you’re thinking of replacing when you revamp your kitchen, consider keeping the old ones. You can paint or stain them, while modernizing the rest of the kitchen.

Offset the focal point

Whether it’s your grandmother’s sofa or a dining table you found at your favorite vintage shop, instead of decorating around the room’s focal point, do the opposite. If you have a classic piece that you want to steal the attention, pick simple, contemporary decor for the rest of the room so your standout piece has the most impact.

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 1.06.04 PM

“The streamlined design will pair seamlessly with your decor.”

Don’t forget midcentury

If you find yourself struggling to come across the right piece that bridges the gap between classic and contemporary, look no further than midcentury modern inspiration. While furniture from the 1960s has a sturdy, handmade feel that many contemporary pieces don’t have, the streamlined design will pair seamlessly with the rest of your current-day decor.

Let art do the talking

Some people prefer not to buy secondhand furniture, and that’s totally OK! Just because you like to be the first person to own your furniture doesn’t mean you can’t give your home a old fashioned feel. Look for pieces of art, fixtures or decorative lamps that look retro and hip. This will give your home an effortless look that will spark visitors’ curiosity. These pieces don’t have to be old, as plenty of designers are inspired by vintage influence.

mixing classical and contemporary art

It’s a process

If you decide that you want to mix modern and classic elements to your home decor, there’s no need to rush to put it all together. Allow your living space to channel a well-traveled vibe, with pieces that you’ve collected throughout time, rather than filling your home up on a trip to a contemporary furniture store and a single antique shop. Maybe you found your unique accent tables at an estate sale and the art on your wall on a family vacation. Let everything tell its own interesting story.


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Published on Jul 10 2016

Last Updated on Jul 29 2016

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