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Make your home shine this holiday season

Two silver bottle brush trees by two white reindeer figurines, and a backdrop of sheer fabric over lit strings of lights.

When it comes to decorating for the holidays, it seems that there are endless options for some festive flair. However, one of the most classic and chic ways to decorate your home is to keep it simple and utilize plenty of metallics. It’s a great option for people who don’t want their home to look overwhelmingly Christmas-y, but still want to bring a little bit of holiday cheer to the atmosphere. Here are some tips to incorporating some silver and gold into your home’s aesthetic:

Metallics add some holiday shine to your home decor.

Your tree

We all love a lush, evergreen tree adorning our homes during the holiday season. Most of us deck the tree out in glittering, glistening ornaments that really pop against the dark green foliage. However, if you’re looking to incorporate more metallics into your holiday decor, take some inspiration from your aunt’s Christmas tree back in the 1950s. That’s right – go for a metallic tree this year. A silver or gold Christmas tree is an elegant blank slate. You can achieve anything, from going for a monochromatic look only using silver or gold ornaments, or other color schemes. Decorate your tree with a rainbow as its inspiration, or even use traditional red and green ornaments with its shiny backdrop. In addition to being a kitchy form of decor, it will give your living room a retro vibe as well.


If you have counter and shelf space to spare, a great way to subtly decorate for the holidays is to use a variety of festive figurines. For example, angel figurines are pleasant decor all year round, but are especially festive during the holiday season. If you’re looking to follow a metallic theme, seek mini statues in silver and gold. You’d be surprised at what you can find when you’re specifically looking for them! Animal figurines, in the shape of penguins, reindeers or any other winter animal are also great for the Christmas season.


Bar ware

Chances are, you’ll be entertaining friends and family in your home this holiday season. If you’ll be serving egg nog for Christmas or champagne for the New Year, why not incorporate festive cheer into your bar ware? Opt for metallic wine bar furniture, or simply invest in champagne flutes or highball glasses rimmed with metal. The silver and gold will seem like decor for the holiday season, but it’s versatile enough to use all year round, no matter when you decide to have another party!



Candles are a timeless, elegant source of decor, no matter what you’re decorating for. Using decorative candle holders in a shiny silver, gold or even glitter can be all you need to take your home’s festive aesthetic to the next level. Not only does the glow of a candle give the room a romantic vibe, but if the candleholder – or candle itself – is also shining, it’ll be sure to turn heads!


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Published on Dec 12 2016

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