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Love Your Bedroom

A Moroccan print bedding set in teals, gold and burgundy, with matching curtains and pillow, and a teal ceramic side table.

Your bedroom might be your favorite room in the house. You come there to kick back and unwind after a busy day. Since this room is your oasis, you have to make sure it’s just right – both in style and in structure. Here are some easy ways to update the look of your bedroom:

Invest in Luxury Bedding

Never underestimate the power of a good night of beauty rest. While you may have a mattress that fits to your liking, you can never go wrong with adding a little extra something like a therapeutic mattress topper. This will help with the overall comfort and tranquility of your sleep – which is priceless.

Don’t forget about the bedding, as well. Shop around for some high-quality linens. Thread count measures the softness and smoothness of a sheet. The kind of cotton you choose makes a difference in feel, and Egyptian cotton is the top of the line.

Satin Sheet Set
Satin Sheet Set

The sheets may help you sleep at night, but you’re going to want a luxury bedding set that is cohesive with the overall look of your room. There are plenty of options to choose from based on your bedroom’s theme. Hint: If you’re looking to embody a queen theme, opt for a shade of purple. It’s the color of royalty.

Sensorpedic Regal Cooling Foam Topper
Sensorpedic Regal Cooling Foam Topper

“A delightful scent can take your room to the next level.”

Add an Air Freshener

You’d be surprised at how much your senses can affect your overall mood. While you may love the look and feel of your bedroom, a delightful scent will take it the next level. You’re going to want a smell that is calming for your oasis, like soothing lavender or sweet vanilla. Light a candle to put on a side table or place some diffusers around the room for scents that will be warm and inviting once you step through the door.

Red Rock Candle Warmer with Dish
Red Rock Candle Warmer with Dish

Try Some Mood Lighting

Your bedroom should have more lighting than just the ceiling and any old lamp. Novelty lamps can add some romance and charm to your room. We have eccentric styles and models that will look cohesive no matter your room’s theme.

Bedside lighting is not only great for ambiance, but it’s practical as well. If you’re unwinding with a novel in your bed during the evening, you don’t want to have to get up to turn off the lights. Instead when you’re done, all you have to do is reach over and switch off the light.


Variel Table Lamp
Variel Table Lamp


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