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Refreshing your home for fall

Upholstered armless tuffed swivel chair with a gold and brown tripod floor lamp

As the leaves change and the breeze gets cooler, it becomes apparent that you need to start prepping your home for the fall. Since you’ll likely spend more time in your house in the coming months than you did over the summer, you’ll want to get it in tip-top shape so you’ll enjoy your time indoors. If you’re feeling the itch to give your space a makeover this season, here’s what you should know:

The bedroom

Everyone deserves a cozy bed they truly love. In addition to finding the perfect mattress, you also need to find yourself a bedding set that makes you feel like the queen you are. You want to make sure your bedroom is in the best condition for you to get optimal sleep. If you don’t already have summer and winter luxury bedding sets, it’s worth the investment. Summer bedding should be a lighter color than your winter bedding, and you should also utilize thinner blankets. Consider a coverlet instead of a duvet. For the fall and winter, however, you’ll want your bed to be warm and cozy. Consider a deep blue duvet or a soft quilt to put on your bed this fall. If your home gets particularly cold, you may also want to invest in a wool blanket for those deep freezes this winter.

Rajine Quilt Set

If you like a little bit of a classic country look, go for a ruffled duvet. If you prefer a regal style, opt for a set with gold on it, paired with purple – the color of royalty – or red. Decorate the walls to go along with the theme. Some art with an intricate gold frame is great in a classic or regal looking room, while an abstract painting or canvas print may best accompany a more modern vibe.

“Mirrors give the illusion of space.”

Your walls

Every few years, you should spruce up your walls to breathe some new life into your home. Consider a fresh coat of paint or redecorating with your wall art. This could be simply rearranging what’s already on your walls or doing something brand new. If you have your wedding photos as the focal point in your living room, consider investing in some new frames. If you’re looking to make your room look bigger, you can hang some mirror sets on your wall to give that illusion. Canvas prints also make a good focal point for your living room. Try one picture that’s broken up into two or three canvases.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 12.53.57 AM

The kitchen

Toss those old chipped dishes that you’ve had for decades and get a brand new dinnerware set. An exotic mosaic pattern or a hip midcentury style can be a real step up from those dishes that have been begging to be replaced. While you’re at it, treat yourself to a new bar as well. You could get a classic bar cart, or use a fun end table with faux leather panels for an old world look. Not to mention, you could always use some more wine glasses and goblets, right?

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 12.54.12 AM


Admit it, you’ve been jonesing for some new furniture for quite some time now. What better time to invest in it than after you’ve already paid for your summer vacation and are planning your winter hibernation? If you have a lot of visitors over for the holidays, you may want a convertible sofa so you always have a place for people to stay. Otherwise, you may be interested in upgrading to a quality faux leather sofa. Consider one that has storage beneath it so you’ll have a place to keep your throws that you curl up with at night. After all, you’ll want to keep the space pristine during the day!

Chairs are one of the easiest things to update and also one of the simplest. Whether you plan to get some new dining chairs to spruce up your kitchen or a fun recliner to add a little pizzazz to the living room, the options are endless. If you’re bored with plain old wooden chairs, try some padded chairs with a geometric pattern for a funky twist at your dining room table that’s also more comfortable.

Tufted Swivel Chair and Brown and Gold Floor Lamp

Dining rooms and kitchens aren’t the only place for a dining set. If you have a balcony or a patio, consider a modern looking bistro set with a glass tabletop and chrome legs. Cafe-style metal outdoor dining sets are so passe!

Get yourself a home bar if you have the space.


One of the simplest ways to revamp a room is to simply update your light fixture. If you rely on overhead light in your living room, give the room a cozy, homey glow by utilizing a shade lamp over your sofa or some wall sconces as well. Trade in that outdated light fixture in your dining room for a rustic gold or birdcage chandelier. These options are classic yet stylish and will kick your room’s aesthetic up a notch.


“Get your fireplace clean so you can use it when the weather cools.”


Chances are, you still won’t be using your fireplace for a few more months. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t spruce it up and give it some visual appeal. First of all, clean it out so it’ll be all ready to use as soon as that first chill comes along. In the meantime, consider decorating it with a removable stained glass fireplace screen so there’s something nice to look at while the fireplace isn’t in use.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 12.54.29 AM

If we had our way, we’d be able to redecorate our homes every year. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the means to do so. Instead, tweak your home’s look one piece at a time. When you see unique accent tables that you just have to have, buy them! If you find some wall art you can imagine really complementing your living room decor, bring it home. It’s much easier on your mind and your wallet to redecorate slowly, and it allows you time to find the perfect pieces to really enhance your home.


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Debbie Borgschulte

I purchased a peacock floor lamp in stain glass look, I thought there was a table lamp that matched it, can you tell me if it is available?

Midnight Velvet

We will check on this Debbie! Thanks for the comment.

Alice Lewis

I would. Like to know if there a catalog i can get

Midnight Velvet

For sure Alice! Email us your address to or sign up here: Thanks for your interest!


The peacock comforter is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I have my bedroom done in peacocks.

Midnight Velvet

Sounds lovely Paula-share a pic sometime. You can email it to us at or share on our Facebook page:


waiting for a catalog for Christmas!! Thank you and Happy Holidays!!???☃️⛄️❄️

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Published on Oct 27 2016

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