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Home color trends to look forward to in 2017

Room setting in white and shades of purple, with a futon, large floral canvas, lit floor lamp, shaggy throw, and flowers.

In most areas of the country, winter is a cold, gray time that lasts far too long. A lot of us spend the majority of these months cooped up indoors – hopefully with a cozy blanket and a good book. However, with all of this time inside, it’s understandable to start feeling a little antsy with your house’s decor. As spring rolls around, you might be feeling the inspiration to redecorate. Here are some of the hottest home shades for 2017 and how you can work your home’s decor to your new wall colors:


Pantone’s color of the year is Greenery, so it’s no surprise that this color is trending in the house, too! There are a lot of directions you can take this hue, from a deep forest green paired with pastel pinks to a subtle seafoam that gives the entire room a calming vibe. You can even give your space a retro aesthetic complete with swag lights and a ’70s-esque avocado-green shade, or a mint color to go with all of your favorite midcentury style furniture. Green is probably one of the most versatile colors when it comes to home decor because it can be as wild or as subdued as you want it.

A moss green jewelry armoire, shown with drawers closed and with drawers and mirrored top opened, displaying necklaces.

Pastel pink

Forest green isn’t the only color that you can pair with pastel pink – though it’s certainly a favorite! What used to be a hue that was reserved for little girls’ rooms is quickly becoming an incredibly trendy color that has its place in even the most sophisticated decor. Black and white with a pop of pink has always been a classic combination, so consider painting your walls pink, while keeping the furniture black and white. A black couch and chair, with a striped or zebra print area rug set would look right at home in a pastel pink room, without being hard on the eyes!

Dark gray

You don’t need 50 shades of gray to spice up a room – you just need one dark one! Deep gray is a great way to add some sophistication to a room, especially if you’re not feeling bold enough to paint a wall black or navy blue. The great thing about gray is that it’s saturated enough to make a statement, but still neutral and allows you to decorate with any colors you want. Keep the rest of the room subdued with pale pinks and blues or embrace pops of color, with a red bedspread or decorative throws in bold shades.

Room setting in white, gray and browns, with a love seat, ottoman, shag rug, and two large feathers next to a framed quote.

“Give a purple room a feminine vibe with light pink accents.”

Deep purple

You might be under the impression that the only person who would have been capable of pulling off a purple room was Prince, but that’s far from the truth! For a country cottage vibe, embrace shades of amethyst and lavender, but you can supply your home with a regal look with a deeper shade of purple. Give the space a feminine look by pairing light pink with deep shades of purple, or opt for a modern twist by sticking with a monochromatic color scheme in black and white.

Room setting in white and shades of purple, with a futon, large floral canvas, lit floor lamp, shaggy throw, and flowers.


You might be wondering why on earth white would be included in a list of trending paint colors. However, the clean, minimalist look of a white room is certainly on trend, especially with marble such a popular accent for coffee tables and countertops. While it’s certainly not the best idea for a home with kids running around, it’s a great option for a single gal or a couple of empty nesters!

Afrocentric living room: a futon with white cushions, lit orange and wicker furniture, an orange and brown elephant canvas.

Comments (14)


The shades of Purple are absolutely gorgeous! (my favorite color) caught my eye & drew me in.
Very appealing with the white.


love the grey and the the white curtains they both go hand in hand,

Debra Jones

I love the greys and purple, just did my bathroom in the same colors

Midnight Velvet

Thanks Debra! Great choice!

dorrit stopek

I think you products are beautiful and I especially like the amber handled flatware I ordered from you. Thank you.

Midnight Velvet

Thank you for being a customer!


Elegance is like rhythms of music and color blending into the unique. Thank you.

Mattie Trotter

I love the designs and beautiful “fresh” colors.So pretty and colorful.

Donna terrell

Can i throw some red in my gray living room my pillows are yellow like the color of hay with gray and black designs?

Midnight Velvet

Linda Osborne-Stokes

I am loving the styles you are advertising. Very pleasant to the eyes and a great décor for any room.

Jetonne Inman

I love my new sofa/lounger. I was looking for teal and seafoam colors because I’d never used them before. And when I saw that lounger in the catalog in deep teal, I almost fell out of my chair and then turned two pages over and found that gorgeous painting in teal with the concentric circles. I had found many things with the circles and colors and then to have those two items show up in the same catalog was just what I was looking for. So elegant in my new apartment!

Midnight Velvet

This sounds wonderful Jetonnie! Is there any chance you’d share a pic with us? Email please!

Wanganui House Painters

I read your blog and I am thinking to use your white color curtains because white color stands for the peace and giving me inspiration all the time. Keep posting more.

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Published on Feb 27 2017

Last Updated on Nov 17 2020

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