It can be tough to decide which colors to use when redecorating your home. With so many colors to choose from, the idea of picking a single one and sticking with it can be intimidating – but have you considered blue? Not only is this color incredibly versatile, but it’s on every designer’s radar right now. Here’s why:

Blue is a calming color

A room full of warm colors like reds, yellows and oranges can quickly feel overwhelming. However, a room decorated or accented with blues can have a calming effect. This is why blues are so popular in bedrooms and living rooms. These are areas that you want to relax in, so why use colors that can make you tense? Choosing a light, cool color can also make a small space feel bigger, which can be beneficial in a one that normally feels cramped.

Nia Comforter SetBlue adds some color without being overwhelming.

There’s so much you can do with it

There are so many shades of blue that it’s easy to mix and match more than one. For example, if you want blue to be the dominant color in your living room, a cobalt futon couch can easily be paired with turquoise or baby blue throw pillows. You don’t want to match colors that are too close in shade, though. This may give the impression that you tried to get two items of the same color but it didn’t quite work out. Blues are bright enough to liven up a room, but not so wild that they can throw of the neutral tone of the space.

Madison Tuffed Nailhead Chair

It can be vintage or contemporary

There are some colors that just shout a different era (’70s avocado green, anyone?). However, blue is one of the few colors that can be used in vintage or contemporary decor. For example, a teal shabby chic coffee table can give your room a vintage vibe, while decorative lamps in robin’s egg blue can seem very modern. It’s all about how to accessorize and accent your room. Many blues complement other colors in your decor as well. Blue pairs well with neutrals black, white or gray, but can be brightened as well. Pair turquoise with coral or navy blue with yellow.

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