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Decor and home accessories to pair with your wall colors

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After a long day of work, your home is your haven. You want to create a space that meets your aesthetic desires but is also relaxing and comfortable. Chances are, you took your time choosing the right wall colors, but now it’s time to decorate. No matter what shades adorn your home, there are decor accessories to complete the picture. Here are some of our favorite ideas for making your decor work with your wall colors:

Neutrals are your friend

There’s a reason why there are so many neutral palettes available now. These colors are perfect for any room and allow you to decorate with bolder home accessories. Pair shades in the tan family with rustic decor, like wooden statues or floral wall art. Add some funky mirrors or metallic pieces for sparkle and shine.

A large square canvas of a stylized purple flower with white stamens, on a silver and gray background.

Heaven in your home

The look of an all-white room is so clean, the perfection could overwhelm you. Feel free to keep this aesthetic by adding home accessories in white, from side sofa tables and throw pillows to couches and chairs. To class up the room even more, incorporate a chandelier and hanging pendant decorative lamps. Silver is the perfect metal to pair with a white room, so choose metallic decor to add some depth.

“Don’t forget the role your floor plays in the look of a room.”

Don’t overlook your floors

It’s common to be concerned with wall colors and home accessories, but you shouldn’t forget the role your floor plays in the picture. Try a color-blocking look by adding a contemporary rug in a complementary shade to an already bright room or play off a patterned couch with a textured wall or geometric wallpaper.

Contemporary Swirls Rug

A light in the darkness

You can find paint colors in every hue today, and dark colors can really embolden a room. Chestnut brown, deep gray, navy blue and more are shades you may not think to use, but really set you apart from the crowd. Since these colors are so dark, decorate with a few intricate lighting fixtures and candle wall decor. Whether they are placed on a coffee table or hang on the walls themselves, these accessories brighten up dark rooms, creating an air of mystery.

You put a lot of effort into the way your home looks and it pays off. Complete your safe haven with decor and home accessories that accentuate your taste and style.

Flowers & Candle Wall Art

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Published on Jul 19 2017

Last Updated on Nov 17 2020

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