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Create an Inspiring Space

brilliant space in your home

It’s easy to create an inspiring space that’s all for you.

Start with a lounger that when you walk by, it calls out for you to relax and take time for yourself.  Makes sure it’s incredibly comfortable, then add other elements that capture your personal style. Finally, choose colors that nourish your soul.  It will soon become your favorite spot for relaxing, napping, reading, or just daydreaming.

Would this be a relaxing space for you? Tell us in the comments below.

Chaise Vignette

Add Some Flair
Even when your home décor skews toward a classic style, the addition of a few distinctive, decorative accessories can make a stylish impact. A gorgeous vase or a colorful lamp with intricate detail will add flair and complete the room.

Circus Bottle and Elephant

Play with Color
Embrace a new color palette in your living room with accent pillows, throws or a new rug. Rich tones in teal, orange and gold will give your rooms a pop of color that is needed to complete and set the mood for elegance.

Floral Medallion Rug

Unique Touches
A unique table is a must when creating a stylish living room. Pick one that suits your personality – a table made out of seagrass will give your room an unexpected look with it’s natural texture or a metal table with accents will add a subtle glow while adding a unique touch to an intimate space.

Seagrass table Vignette

Reflection Time
Add an element of brilliance by incorporating reflective accents, such as large mirrors, votive wall art and goldtone tables. They can make rooms feel bigger and opulent at the same time.


Comments (3)

paulette taylor

I think that the decor in the living is awesome and any room in your house should have a comfortable feel love it keep up the awesome work


That lounger is definitely inviting! I think personality is important so you should try and reflect that in your interior choice, after-all you’re not going to feel comfortable unless it’s something that screams you!

Midnight Velvet

Thanks for the comment!

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Published on Feb 18 2015

Last Updated on Mar 20 2015

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