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Contemporary decorating for fall

Modern Rocking Chair

When it comes to home decor, contemporary design is one of the hottest trends in recent years. If you’re a fan of streamlined furniture, minimalist rooms and color blocking, contemporary decor is right up your alley. In fact, with this style becoming more and more popular, it’s easy to find staple pieces at an affordable price, making it a great option when it comes to redecorating your home this fall.

Contemporary Living room

“Simple, streamlined design is key in contemporary design.”

Modern vs. contemporary

Many people confuse the two terms when describing minimalist home furniture. However, though the terms aren’t exactly interchangeable, most people understand what you mean when you describe a certain style as contemporary. Contemporary is a bit of a all-encompassing term for a variety of modern furniture styles. In many cases, a contemporary room works in design elements of today, while still embracing those of yesterday. According to Houzz, some of the modern styles that make up contemporary looks include:

  • Art Deco: Art Deco is a style that became popular in the 1920s and 1930s. This design was sleek, with rounded corners and “triple striped” decorative elements. In addition to being used heavily in furniture, Art Deco was also popular in architecture and jewelry.
  • Bauhaus: Named after the German art school it was created at, the Bauhaus style of decor also became popular in the 1920s and 1930s. Inspired by simple, industrial design, it was one of the first mainstream modern decor and architectural styles that inspired the mid-century style.
  • Mid-century modern: Mid-century modern was popularized in the, you guessed it, middle of the century. This sleek, clean style was exemplified in the 1950s and 1960s, and is something that legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright is known for “perfecting.”

“A contemporary room is chic and mod.”

A contemporary room

One of the best ways to determine how to give your room a contemporary vibe is to look at vintage photos of the era you’re looking to channel. You can even watch a couple of episodes of “Mad Men,” for inspiration since sites like Jezebel have lauded creator Matthew Weiner for his keen attention to era-accurate detail.

There are some aspects of contemporary decor that differ from the type of typical 2010s design. For example, most contemporary furniture is a solid color, usually in a subdued color like cream, brown or black, while pops of color are used in other areas, like area rug sets or throw pillows. Look for fun geometric designs and bold color accents for a nod back to the 1960s. A contemporary living room is a great way to give your house a chic, mod look while still having fun with color and design.

Contemporary Dining

Incorporating contemporary pieces

Contemporary furniture is incredibly versatile, so it’s easy to work into your modern decor if you aren’t interested in overhauling your home’s entire aesthetic. For example, sleek chairs pair well with an antique dining table, and your minimalist bed and nightstand can still look fabulous with your luxury curtains and bedding set. In fact, taking the opportunity to mix your current furniture with some contemporary pieces is a great way to incorporate some personality into your home design.

If this idea appeals to you, chances are you’re a fan of eclectic home design. This aesthetic doesn’t really have any rules – you decorate with what you like, and not everything you like necessarily fits into a certain design trend. Since contemporary furniture is so streamlined and simple, it’s incredibly easy to take that chic end table and work it into your overall eclectic living room decor. Have fun with your renovation this fall!

Modern Rocking Chair

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Patricia Arredondo

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Midnight Velvet

Hello Rose, please send us your address and we will get you a catalog. You can email us at Thanks!


Send me catalog

Midnight Velvet

Sure Patricia! Send us your address to Thanks!

Catherine Janke

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve bought anything from Midnight Velvet but I was always pleased with my purchases.

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Midnight Velvet

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Midnight Velvet

Sure Janice! Thanks for your interest. We will remove your address for security purposes. 🙂


Hello, I am a long time customer with your company. Recently, I decided to change pieces around, get rid of older pieces and buy new ones to fit the look I am going for. I really am into this silver and black look and you have a bedroom comfort set, That I love, and a chandler screen print, that I am trying to see how they would look beside each other. I always hate sending pieces back. IS there any way some can pose or snap shot those pieces together so that I can get an idea of how they are going to look side by side. You are my first place I run to for unique items. I LOVE, ALL of the pieces I have bought over the last years and still have many of them , that I will be incorporating with the new arrangement. Since I am planning on spending several hundred dollars. I thought I would just ask. Thank you so much for any help you could provide for my question, as always I love Midnight Velvet. If you want romance, this is the place to run too.

Midnight Velvet

Hi Elizabeth, Thanks for the comment and thinking through this exciting decor change. 🙂 Are you referring to the Majestic Comforter Set and the Chandelier Screen? We definitely think these 2 pieces will go nicely together. Great choices! Send a pic when you get them and if you decide they don’t work out-send us an email and we will discuss options for return. Our email is Thanks again!


I am a long time MV customer…and I love many of the items listed. However, may I make a suggestion, for example the photo with the contemporary might be a good thing to list those items so a customer can click and buy. It might increase sales. IJS…smile


Would love to purchase Modern Rocking Chair do you have anymore in stock or where can I find one


i want to know when will get the chair back in the rocker chrome.

Midnight Velvet

We will check into this Jean and get back to you. Thanks for your interest!

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Published on Aug 16 2016

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