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Colors of the Season for Home

a room decorated with red accents

If your home is begging for a decor refresher, there’s no better season than spring to do it. In 2016, up your interior-drama factor. Decorating with color is the perfect way to show off your personality. It lets guests know you’re daring, confident and unafraid to try something risky, so long as the end result is as fabulous as you are. Here are our top three picks for color this spring – show off your stuff with these striking shades:

1. Ravishing Red

“Don’t be afraid to embrace color.”

You should be seeing red this season, but don’t worry: It will make you anything but angry. Red represents passion and energy, which makes it a stellar color for decorating a living room, dining room or bedroom. Few colors lend themselves to the monochromatic look quite like a bold shade of red, so don’t be afraid to embrace the color. Red walls and decorative accent pieces with pops of black or white make for a modern, dramatic look you’re bound to love.

Not sure which red is right for you? Ask yourself whether you’d rather add pops of white or black. If you’d rather go with white details, shoot for a red with some orange tones. The warmer colors will stand out against the white without looking cartoonish. If black is more your style, a bluer red is your best bet. Black accents against a deep red backdrop are sure to impress. Can’t decide? Go with a true red, and use both black and white when adding details.

a room decorated with red accents

2. Plum Perfect

If purple is more your style, congratulations – you have excellent taste. Purple is the color of royalty and luxury, and our favorite shade this spring, plum, takes all that opulent history and brings it into the modern era. Plum fabrics look particularly rich and indulgent, making this an ideal color for upholstery, curtain panels and pillows. Prefer a modern, minimalist look? Plum pops perfectly against white, so using it as an accent color is a wise decor choice as well.

Charlize 6-Piece Window Set

3. Charming Combinations

You don’t have to limit yourself to a single shade this spring – use color combos to bring variety to your space. We recommend pairing a darker shade with a metallic pop. For example, burgundy and gold make for a classic combination. If you love cooler tones, navy and silver are a striking pair. A deep blue couch with silvery accent pillows is sure to stand out in all the right ways.

Blue wall art

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Published on Jan 25 2016

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