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A Cohesive Decorating Statement

how to decorate your hallway

We received this question from Elleine C.

I want to decorate my room leopard and the other room peacock and the kitchen and living room Parisian. Then the upstairs bedroom will be zebra and sea life in the other bedroom. Will it look bad? Please tell me what to do!”

Our Home Merchandiser, Madeline, responded:

If anything this sounds pretty close to a cohesive home décor statement.  You have two styles you want to represent: Global and Vintage Romance and it is very possible to blend the two just enough to have them in your home.

Did you know that decorating your home eclectically (mixing two or more styles within the same room) is the hottest decorating trend right now?  And it’s a great way to mix in two favorite styles that you normally wouldn’t think of putting together.  The key to mixing is make sure everything has a cohesive color statement.

So, blending a little bit of Parisian into your Global (leopard, peacock, zebra and sea life) can be done by making sure you are adding feminine touches to your global décor. 

Mix in a variety of shapes:

how to decorate your hallway

Add in antique or traditional mirrors: 

Golden Embellished Mirror

Add a drippy, fantastic chandelier: 

Sparkly Chandelier
Sparkly Chandelier

Then, as you decorate, don’t forget to put touches of global to complete your home decorating story.  The important thing to remember with decorating is to have fun with it.  This is an exciting time for decorating because anything goes as long as the colors you use make sense together. 

Lounger Sofa Bed

For more details on decorating styles, check out our Decorating Styles Defined blogpost.


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Can I get a catalog ?

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Published on Mar 24 2016

Last Updated on Mar 26 2016

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