After months of winter, everyone is looking forward to the warmth that comes with summertime. The season brings days of sunshine, flowers in blossom and a feeling of happiness. It’s time to brighten up your abode and add some home decor accessories that make summer bliss more tangible.

Go for the gold

There are few colors more summer-worthy than yellow tones. Whether it’s pastel, neon or a shimmery gold, this hue signifies warmth and is extremely inviting to guests. In addition, it captures the eye – drawing people to the various types of unique home decor you’ve spent so much time picking out. This summer, incorporate gold and yellow pieces into your house to truly capture the season with these ideas:

Hang up string lights

Delicate twinkle lights aren’t just for the holidays! In a season filled with sun, these accents can take an outdoor seating area from drab to fab – especially with yellow-toned lanterns. Whether you hang them in a taut style or looser fashion, these fixtures will brighten up the space and play off other pieces of decor in your home.

“Add a slipcover to your couch or new pillowcases.”

Give them the slip

The transition to another season doesn’t mean you have to replace every item in your home. Instead, change it up by adding a furniture slipcover to your couch or new pillowcases to decorative pillows. Try a simple gold shimmer or a brighter yellow pattern to add more light to your house.

Just a small dose

Since yellow is so eye-catching, it’s a color that often plays best in small doses. Add some figurines in this hue to a bookshelf or a chair seat topper or decorative lamp in yellow. If you want to incorporate a little more sunshine into your home, try a standalone piece – like a chair – into a fairly neutral room.

Add fresh flowers

Greenery is a popular home decor trend right now. To make the fad work for the summer, bring fresh flowers into various rooms to add a pop of color. Sunflowers, marigolds and daisies are the perfect accent for summertime and smell wonderful, too!

Bring the sun inside by incorporating home decor in shades of gold and yellow. Both shades can enhance your mood and that of your guests, making everyone a little more aware of the happiness of their surroundings.