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10 Things To Make Your Home Shine

Shiny Home Decor Ideas from Midnight Velvet

Shiny Home Decor Ideas from Midnight VelvetGlimmery, shimmery details are just what your room needs! Here are a few items that are sure to make your space shine:

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1. Glitzy Table Lamp

It’s in a lamp’s nature to make your room shine, but this accent lamp goes well beyond the call of duty. The shimmery chain-net shades will glimmer beautifully in the light from both your room and the lamp itself.

2. Geometric Reflective Table

Embrace the geometric look with this trendy-yet-classic side table. The mirror top will help boost the amount of light in your room, and the frame is a subtle call to the ever-classy diamond.

3. Dazzling Chandelier

Everything about this chandelier just screams “sparkle”. The silver metallic elements catch and reflect light right into the refractive glass balls, which then bounce that shine all around your room.

4. Sassy Bath Mat

Looking to add a little bit of attitude to your powder room? These “Diva” and “Queen” bath mats will remind you of all your flawlessness each time you get out of the shower.

5. 6. & 7. Glamorous Accessories

Figurines and other decorative accent pieces can be the perfect way to add just a touch of shine to a space. For example, this ring-inspired candleholder adds just a subtle touch of bling to your living room. Our crystal candy dish would be the perfect way to offer some gourmet chocolates to your guests, and this sweet jeweled elephant will brighten up any room.

8. Captivating Time Pieces

Who said checking the time had to be boring? This clock sits right at the intersection of form and function. Its wristwatch design makes it a unique and inspired way to decorate your wall.

9. Flashy-Functional Storage

The best kind of storage is the kind you don’t realize holds anything at all. That’s what makes our bling storage bench so perfect – unless you tell your guests, they’ll never know it’s storage hidden in plain sight.

10. Glittery Window Treatments

Natural light is often the most beautiful way to brighten a room, so take advantage of it as it pours in. This shimmery panel and glitzed-out valance will help the sun’s rays bounce around your room.

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Glitz & Shine Home Decor from Midnight Velvet

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love your style


Wanting to know if midnight velvet carry’s cal king quilts. I know that midnight velvet carry king size quilts. But i’m looking for a bigger quilt. Thank you in advance.

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Published on Feb 19 2016

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