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What’s Your Style?

Midnight Velvet Catalog Cover

Over at Midnight Velvet we want to understand everything about you. The more we know, the better can produce the look that fits your personality and style. So who better to describe your style other than you? We asked our everyday customers a couple of questions on Facebook to try to understand how they see their own personal style. Here’s what we found out.

Keywords for Style

Although our customers definitely had a broad range of adjectives chosen to describe their personal style,  we still found definite themes within our answers. Three terms that showed up quite a bit were: classy, elegant and comfortable, which, to us, makes complete sense.

Our Midnight Velvet collections strive to combine all of those words in our style of clothing. We know that you know your own style by now: We just want to be able to provide you with comfortable clothes so you can celebrate you and show off the look you’ve crafted over the years.

Eclectic Home Decor Preferences

When we asked women how they would describe their home decor, we got many different answers. Some women gave very specific descriptions like “everything purple” or “Indian with bangled tiger prints and figurines.” On the other hand, we also got more broad answers like “a little bit of everything” or “contemporary, warm, welcoming.”

Luckily, we have have something for everyone. Our unique home decor selection includes all different styles, from contemporary to modern to rustic. That way, you are sure to find something that will work with your home’s theme.

All About You

Over at Midnight Velvet, we want to know more than just what you buy. Our brand is dedicated to understanding all aspects of your life in hopes that we can design and sell things that mesh with your overall lifestyle. For example, we asked our Midnight Velvet customers, “What quote do you live by?” Here are some of our favorite answers:

  • “Live without limits.”
  • “If you don’t succeed, try again.”
  • “Always think and act young.”
  • “Stay true to yourself.”
  • “Enjoy life: every second of it.”

Let’s Talk Fashion

We realize it’s more than just how the clothes look – we care about how they make you feel. In order to make you feel good, we need to know what makes you feel confident and beautiful – so we asked! We noticed a definite theme in the answers that was not surprising: Our customers feel best when their clothes fit just right and are comfortable.

We understand that feeling good and looking good don’t always go hand-in-hand at some boutiques. Lots of designers only sell clothing that looks amazing on mannequins. Have you ever tried on a shirt and realized that the fabric was just not meant to be worn? Well, that’s not the case for MV. We make our clothes for real, everyday women. In fact, we asked everyone on Facebook who their style icon was. We think the responses truly showcase what our customers are like.

Many of the ladies didn’t answer celebrities; they chose people in their everyday lives, like their mothers, sisters, children and friends. In fact, some of them even named themselves! We couldn’t find this any more fitting of our brand, because Midnight Velvet doesn’t strive to change your style; we want to enhance it! Our goal is to give you some ideas so that you can run with your own personal style through our fashion clothes. We know what you like; you know what you like, and we want to just give you all the tools to own your look and style.

Midnight Velvet Catalog Cover

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Published on May 02 2016

Last Updated on May 15 2016

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