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Treat yourself to a spa day

A spa treatment doesn't have to be expensive.

Everyone needs some “me time” once in a while, so why not treat yourself to a spa day? You don’t have to make an expensive trip out of it, since there are plenty of spa treatments you can do for yourself right at home. So go ahead, take a sick day and pamper yourself with some of these spa treatments. Here’s how to do it right:

Get in the zone

On your home spa day, do nothing but pamper yourself. Don’t clean the house, don’t prepare any meals and definitely don’t check your email. There’s never anything relaxing lurking in your inbox. Make your bathroom a spa haven by bringing in those decorative candle holders from the living room, turning on your favorite relaxing music and enjoying a nice beverage. Try a mint tea, some cucumber water or even some sparkling wine if you’re feeling especially indulgent.

Start with your face

If you’ve sprung for a facial sauna, now is the time to use it. However, that’s not the only way you can heat up your face and open your pores. You can also warm up a pot of hot water with some mint leaves or a couple drops of an essential oil like lavender or eucalyptus and breathe in the refreshing steam. Put a towel over your head and enjoy the steam for as long as it lasts.

After opening up your pores, apply a light facial scrub. If you don’t have any on hand, don’t fret! Try one of these refreshing do-it-yourself scrubs that are all natural and great for your skin:

Treat yourself to a soothing beverage.Treat yourself to a soothing beverage.

After you’ve scrubbed your face and cleaned out your pores, it’s time to put a facial mask on to soften your skin. There are plenty of decadent store-bought face masks that come in bath gift sets, and there are also ones that you can make with ingredients that are probably right in your kitchen. Self has a recipe for each type of skin:

  • If you have large pores: egg white + orange juice + turmeric powder.
  • If your face is red or irritated: honey + cinnamon + lemon.
  • If your skin is dry: brown sugar + coconut oil.
  • If you have acne: honey + nutmeg + milk.
  • If you want to disguise wrinkles: cocoa powder + oatmeal + cream + honey.

Then work on your hair

With the amount of styling products and hot tools we use on our hair these days, your hair probably not getting the love and nourishment it needs. Hair masks are a great way to add some moisture to your hair, making it stronger so it can survive those hot treatments. However, not all hair masks are ideal for all types of hair. Buzzfeed has a recipe for oily, frizzy, natural, curly and damaged hair:

  • Oily: Apple cider vinegar + lemon juice + honey.
  • Frizzy: Banana + yogurt + honey.
  • Natural: Avocado + mayonnaise + coconut oil + honey.
  • Curly: Egg + mayonnaise + olive oil + honey.
  • Damaged: Egg yolk + coconut oil + honey.

Leave the hair mask in for about a half hour. While your hair is in the process of becoming soft and luscious, run a warm bath.

“Many teas have healing properties.”

For your bath

There are so many ways you can take your bath to the next level. You can drop in a luxurious bath bomb or simply use your favorite bath salts or bubbles. Consider one of your favorite essential oils that you used in your face steam or even some tea leaves as well if you’re looking to make the room smell nice. According to Crunchy Betty, a lot of teas have healing properties:

  • Sage: Can treat oily skin and body acne.
  • Rosemary: Works as an astringent.
  • Chamomile: Soothes dry or irritated skin.
  • Green tea: Full of antioxidants.
  • Peppermint: Relaxes and clarifies.

If you have dry skin and want to soothe it, oatmeal, milk and honey are great natural ways to do so. Oatmeal baths aren’t just for your kids and their chicken pox!

Once you’ve finished

The purpose of your bath was to help you unwind, not clean yourself. Once you’ve had enough time in the tub – no rush, indulge as long as you’d like – drain the tub and take a quick shower to rinse your hair and face mask off and clean your body. Layer on your favorite body moisturizer and your cozy robe, and pour yourself another glass of your tea, wine or water. Just because your spa treatment is finished doesn’t mean you have to stop relaxing. Crack open a good book or watch your favorite binge-worthy show and enjoy the rest of the afternoon. You deserve it!

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Published on Jul 09 2016

Last Updated on Jul 08 2016

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