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Summer wine time

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What’s better than lounging around outside with your friends and a bottle of wine on a warm summer day? Not much! Whether you’re hosting a book club or just a fun social get-together, there are plenty of options to make the most of a girl’s wine night. Here are a few ways to have a great time with some wine this summer:

Make sangria

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of making sangria – it’s deceptively simple. Determine whether your guests will prefer white- or red-wine sangria. Or, make a pitcher of each! When choosing your wine, don’t feel the need to splurge on a fancy variety. A cheap bottle from your wine cabinets and quality fruit and liqueur will do the trick. Epicurious suggests a combination of brandy or cognac and an orange liqueur. About 1/2 cup for each bottle of wine. Mix at least two types of chopped fruit, stir the mix up up and chill it before you serve the sangria to your guests. Consider adding a little bit of seltzer to the top for some fizz.

Mix your favorite fruits into your favorite sweet wine.Mix your favorite fruits into your favorite sweet wine.

Make floats

Do you ever have a hard time choosing between going out for drinks with the girls or getting ice cream? They’re both refreshing and delicious, so why not combine the two? How about making moscato floats? While you could use any type of wine, soda or ice cream you’d like, a simple mix of sweet moscato, strawberry soda and vanilla ice cream is perfect for a warm summer evening on the patio.

Make wine ice cream

If floats aren’t your thing, you can make ice cream out of your favorite wine with just a few ingredients that you might have just laying around your house. All you need is a sweet red wine, sugar, milk, heavy cream and egg yolks. Not only is this a great alternative way to use some wine, but this refreshing recipe will impress all of your guests.

Freeze some grapes

Get your daily serving of fruit in by soaking some green grapes in your favorite white wine. Dissolve a little bit of sugar into the wine too, so the grapes don’t taste too strong. Let these grapes soak overnight before pulling them out of the wine and sprinkling them with some sugar. Let your grapes freeze for a few hours before everyone comes over. When you bite into the grapes, you’ll get a sweet burst of wine for a cool and refreshing treat!

“You don’t need an excuse to host a wine-glass-decorating party.”

Host a wine-glass-decorating party

While wine-glass-decorating parties are popular choices for birthdays and bachelorette parties, you don’t need an excuse to host one – aside from a love of wine, that is. Either have each of your friends bring a glass to decorate, or you can get some decently priced ones on clearance or at the dollar store. Provide your guests with paint, glitter, feathers, ribbon and anything else that would be handy to decorate with. Not only will everyone have fun crafting together, but they’ll also have a cute souvenir to take home to remember the evening.

Just enjoy it!

Chances are, you haven’t all gotten to see each other without some sort of commitment attached in quite some time. So pull out your favorite wine glass set, serve a fancy cheese and charcuterie plate, and have everyone over for a good old- fashioned girl’s night! Have everyone bring her favorite bottle to share and spend the evening catching up and enjoying each other’s company.

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Published on Jun 25 2016

Last Updated on Jul 04 2016

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