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Star of the Month Fave Responses-Apr-2015

Here are some of our favorite responses from the Midnight Velvet Star of the Month Sweepstakes entry forms we collected in April 2015.

How do you define your personal sense of style?

  • Mine, all mine, relaxed and signature
  • I define my style as something I’ve referred to as “Amberifical Couture”, you see I’m not that once in a million kind of girl…. I am a once in a lifetime kind of woman! 
  • tasteful, dignified, classy 
  • glamour, classy and sexy
  • Personable, with a hint of Mystery
  • I just got to be me!
  • Exotic but tasteful
  • As a plus-size woman, I choose to set a standard in class and elegance that transcends size.
  • Traditional With Sleek and Stylish Updates
  • I consider myself to be very creative, so I create my own styles, using various color schemes.

How would you define your home decorating style?

  • Mixture of styles.
  • I like both Contemporary and traditional styles, I actually combine both. I buy items that express my unique taste and that compliment my space. 
  • Tranquility is the key.
  • Expensive, eclectic, exotic, exclusive, and exclusively discriminating. In addition, colorful, impeccable accentuation with a earth tone foundation. Including sculptured and double paneled room dividers embroidered on fabric with my favorite animals: Lion, Elephant, Giraffe, Black Bear, Brown Bear, horses, and the Polar Bear. All with the essence of nurturing nature including the sky, trees, birds flying in the firmament, and the seashore embraced with the sunset.
  • Comfortable yet classy. I like my home to be unique and looking like a million bucks but yet it is comfortable, so my family and guests feel right at home.
  • I would say my home decorating style is a little on the wild side. I love animal prints, gold and silver accents in my bedroom but tend to tone it down for the living room/den area.

What do you like most about Midnight Velvet?

  • The variety and uniqueness of items I have found. 
  • What I most like about Midnight Velvet is the opportunity to shop, quality of the merchandise, presentation of the catalog, and the monthly charge payment.
  • You have the styles that I love to wear.
  • Interesting and exotic pieces to wear and decorate the home. 
  • The beautiful and sophisticated clothes that look wonderful on women of all sizes. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the beautiful home items you sell.
  • The unique styles, I never am concerned that someone will be wearing the same outfit at any event. I have been complimented on the unique & original styles.
  • The ease of shopping any time of the day or night. I always like to browse the magazine online, which is great for me. I am allowed to make my selection with the comfort of knowing I have the options of shopping on line or ordering by phone 24 hours a day. Also having plus sizes available is a big advantage. 

What is a quote you like to live by? 

  • You can do anything with God in your life.
  • Live your life to the fullest and always help those in need!
  • A family without prayer is like a house without a roof , open an expose to all the storms of heaven
  • Make new friends but keep the Old, because one is Silver and the other is Gold
  • “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”
  • I love the Rose best of all, the look and smell symbolize perfection, while reminding you that everything beautiful comes from a thorny past!
  • Always find a reason to laugh! It may not add years to your life but will surely add LIFE to your years
  • “Stop your crying now, stop and say Thank You. Whatever it is you have the Faith to know, GOD has put a Rainbow in The Clouds.” Maya Angelou

What is something you are passionate about? 

  • Paying my bill on time. 
  • I am driven by my love for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for without Him, there would be no “me” The love of family and friends. My obligations to my church and community. Being available to lend a hand to those in need, without expecting something in return. All are deeply embedded in my life and I love them all!
  • My grandchildren and my fur babies!!
  • My family would have to be the thing I am most passionate about followed closely by shoes & clothes!
  • People in general. Helping those who are in need regardless of their situation in life and the cards they were dealt.

What makes you feel confident & beautiful?

  • Being able to stand out with style. 
  • I feel confident and beautiful when I dress for the day feeling pretty, lovely, and graciously refreshed from head-to-toe. Representing who I am and how I feel about me on the inside is how I represent what I value about me reflects on the outside.
  • It’s all about unique to me …. the unique items MV sells I cannot seem to find any place else.
  • A beautiful new outfit accompanied by a fantastic hairstyle and makeup.
  • Knowing that I look my ‘BEST’, hair , nails , make up , but more so beautiful colorful clothing that fits just right, hides my flaws, with your beautiful matching jewelry.

Who is your style inspiration?

  • Me, Myself & I 
  • Probably sounds silly but i grew up watching Cher …. always liked her sexy unique look
  • My style inspiration is CeCe Weines
  • I have my own style, in which I mimic no one
  • My mother, when she was alive and she still is my style inspiration. My mother had class, she was classy, graceful, elegant, and sophisticated
  • Midnight Velvet
  • Myself. I mix things well and always end up with a perfect blend of styles!

Find out more about the Midnight Velvet Star of the Month Sweepstakes here.

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I just adore most of your things. I wear your clothes . As well as decorate my home with your lovely things . Fondly yours Drnise Brice

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