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Vacation Packing Tips

Chances are, you usually pack much more than you need.

Do you see women’s vacation photos on social media and marvels at how stylish and put together they look, despite living out of a suitcase? There has to be a way to fit everything you need into your bag and still look good when you’re traveling the globe, doesn’t there? After all, as easy as it is to pack one pair of jeans and one pair of shorts for the week, you don’t want to be limited to just a denim-and-T-shirt look. Here are some tips for packing light and staying stylish on vacation this summer:

Plan ahead

As comfy as it is to board the plane in your flip flops and a T-shirt, the cowboy booties and jacket you have in your bag are heavier and take up a lot more space than your flat sandals. Wear your bulkiest items while you’re traveling to save space in your suitcase and carry-on. Consider what activities you’ll be taking part in on vacation. If you don’t plan to go out on a elegant night on the town, don’t let your favorite pair of peep toe heels take up space in your bag.

Ruffled Shawl
Ruffled Shawl

When choosing outfits

It’s fine to not want to decide all of your outfits in advance – after all, who knows how you’ll be feeling that day? But you don’t want to pack more than you need. Pick pieces that can be worn together when choosing which clothes to bring on your trip. Bonus points if you decide to rock a jumpsuit or romper, since they’re just single-piece outfits. When picking your clothes for a week-long trip, here are a few handy things you should bring:

  • A pair of comfortable shoes (like sneakers), sandals and one more stylish pair.
  • A jacket.
  • One pair of shorts and/or a skirt.
  • One pair of casual jeans and a pair of nicer jeans for nights out.
  • Your swimsuit.
  • Socks for every day and a couple spare pairs.
  • Underwear for every day and night and a couple spare pairs.
  • A casual bra and a bra that goes with any special shirts you’re packing.
  • A dress.
  • A cardigan or sweater for layering.
  • A shirt for every day, plus a couple of dressier ones for nights out. Choose ones that will go with any bottom you decide to wear.
  • Two pairs of pajamas.
Rhinestone Animal Trim Jean
Rhinestone Animal Trim Jean

Don’t bring your whole life

Unless you’re going to be camping in the middle of nowhere, you can buy a lot of stuff when you get to your destination, maximizing your suitcase space for outfits. Don’t bring every beauty product you use, and put your shampoo and conditioner in smaller bottles. When packing your makeup, bring your most versatile palette so you won’t have to mix and match. Keep your pricey jewelry at home as well as your unnecessary technology. Your smartphone does just about everything you’ll need on vacation.

“Bring a tote and a carry-on bag on the plane.”

Bags on bags on bags

If you’re traveling by plane, chances are, your airline allows a carry-on and a small personal bag. Instead of bringing your purse on the plane, opt for a larger bag, like a small backpack or tote bag that’ll still fit beneath the seat, but allows you more storage than any of your leather handbags would. Just stick your purse in your suitcase.

2-Piece Color Luggage Set
2-Piece Color Luggage Set

Roll ’em up

Most people’s first course of action when packing their bags is to fold and stack everything up. Jeans first, then lighter things on top, right? Wrong, actually. Not only does folding your clothes leave them prone to wrinkles, but it’s not the most efficient method, space-wise. Rolling your clothes maximizes space and limits how wrinkly your clothes get.

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Published on Jul 12 2016

Last Updated on Jul 06 2016

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