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Our Most Loyal Customers Share Their MV Love

A purple themed bedroom, a white and tan living room, and seven Midnight Velvet customers at their homes and away.

We asked our fabulous customer service team for a list of our most loyal buyers—and they provided hundreds! We called a bunch on the phone and chatted with them about why they love Midnight Velvet. Here’s what they shared with us: 

I have been very pleased with everything I have purchased. I have bought clothes, jewelry, furniture-I have bought it all. The quality of the items I order are excellent. You can’t beat the price. I would recommend Midnight Velvet to everyone! –Doris F., OH


I have been a customer for about 25 years or more. I love everything I buy from you. Your products are all so different and you have such classy things. Your clothes are very, very elegant. They make me feel like a million dollars. My whole house is Midnight Velvet. You name it, I got it. Curtains, comforter, wall art, and I furnish my home with Midnight Velvet. When people come into my house, they fall in love with my décor. Down here in the South, everyone goes to the same stores and has the same things, but not me. Your customer service reps are extremely professional. You are all the BEST! –Christine J., NC


I just love your…EVERYTHING! I usually turn down pages and circle things when I get your catalog. I like to buy things for certain people in my life and they always like what I give them. I really like your furniture and lights. You have such beautiful items. All of your clothes are crazy great; just gorgeous. Your earrings and jewelry I love as well. –Barbara V., FL


I love everything I purchase. Others have observed my style and asked where I shop. When I get my catalog, I fold down the corners of the pages and make a wish list-like a little kid.” –Gladys B., VA


I love everything I have gotten from you. There’s so many items that I have never seen anywhere else; so much different stuff. My house is full of Midnight Velvet décor. When people come they say, “Oh my God! Where did you get that?” Then I share your catalog with them. –Doretha B., MD


I’ve been a customer since back in the ’80s. I always loved your jewelry. And I’ve gotten some nice tops and gifts for people in the past. When I get your catalog, I got through it right away and mark the pages of what I want. Then if I find myself going back to those items, I’ll order. I would describe Midnight Velvet in one word as “Lovely!” –Dawn S., OR


I love the clothes you offer, the dresses and suits, and I love the shoes too! I buy bedspreads and clocks as well. I like the sales you offer. I use the credit all the time. I like the low monthly payments. I love it all and I wouldn’t change anything! –Lydia S., OR


I’ve been a customer from a long time ago. I like the jewelry more than anything. I also buy gifts. The credit plan is very helpful. I liked the low monthly pyaments. I always look through the catalog and see what catches my eye. -Doris B., MD 


A purple themed bedroom, a white and tan living room, and seven Midnight Velvet customers at their homes and away.

We’re celebrating our 30th Anniversary this Fall 2017!

Take a look at our Anniversary Look Book >

Browse our customers’ favorite products — The Midnight Stars > 

Comments (13)

Sarah Sanders

Love your home furnishings.
When I get my balance down I have some favorites to pick up.

Midnight Velvet

Sounds great Sarah! 🙂

Maria Bulnes

I love to buy at Midnight, I found very nice and wonderful things,
I also buy thing for my friends and they love it.
thank you

Midnight Velvet

Thanks for the comment Maria and for being a Midnight Velvet customer!

Sonata Gailiene

Thank You Midnight Velvet ! You are awesome! Your closes are great. I like Your Jewelry too. I will write You a letter by mail too. So, it is Your time. thank You for take me in Your customers. With Love and Sincerely, Sonata.

Midnight Velvet

Thank you for being a customer Sonata! You’re awesome too! 🙂

Dee Ingram

I have been a member since 2002, what I love most about Midnight Velvet is what ever I buy, clothes or furniture or wall art or bed linens I never ever see these items on someone else or even in there homes. I love being one of a kind, I will always shop here, as long as I have money to pay for these wonderful items. Sincerely your biggest Customer Always. I am also a fan of your sister sites Ashro and 7 th Avenue.

Midnight Velvet

Thank you Dee! You really captured what we are all about! Love hearing about our “one of a kind” items. 🙂 Thanks again.

vanessa roy

I won a contest and selected 2 long sweaters. My sisters loved them and the jewelry, thanks

Geneiva Jones

Love to shop Midnight Velvet. I love everything I order from you. I would love that angel wing mirrow. I collect angels. Congratulations to you, Midnight velvet. I love to shop with you, you are the best.


Thanks Midnight Velvet.
I usually buy clothes, Shoes, jewelery and bed sheet online, and I am always satisfy.
All your article are good quality and very pretty.
Your price is Excellent and match with the quality of your product
In French, we say “you are UNIQUE ”
I Already recommend your company for Friend.
I tell them .If you don’t like to see your dress or jewelery on somebody else, Shop in Midnigtht Velvet.
Thank to be Number ONE of selecting your Product.

Maria Dodoo

I have been a customer for more than five years.I enjoy shopping with Midnight Velvet because their clothes,purses and home decor are all of very good quality and they look unique and sophisticated. I also like their bathroom decor,towels and all bathroom accessories.
Congratulations Midnight Velvet.I think I will be your customer all my life.

Midnight Velvet

Thanks Marie! We hope so! Happy Holidays!!!

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Published on Jul 28 2017

Last Updated on Nov 17 2020

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