Ugh…how do I deal with being bloated; it makes me feel about 10 pounds heavier!


We all know this feeling?it's an unfortunate occurrence for most people, especially us ladies.

Even though you may think this would make you feel even more bloated, drinking lots of water actually helps, and gets things "moving". A little bit of exercise also does wonders…a quick walk, yoga or aerobics. If you're trying to beat that PMS bloating, try cutting down on sodium the week before your period - stick to fresh foods and cut out processed meals and fast food.

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Ugh…how do I deal with being bloated; it makes me feel about 10 pounds heavier!

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  • Date: November 18, 2010
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  • yellvile, ar
  • ten lb's can come so quickly

  • Read Labels. Hey if it has a label, dont buy it. Fresh fruits/vegees, grass fed animals-beef-chichens,pork,deer,goats,not same animals fed corn and hormones to fatten them up.etc. Do NOT drink anything w High Fructose Corn Sweetner(even in our beloved Coke a cola now)HiFrCornSyrup is like sugar but so much cheaper, and not good for us at all, look at all the Autistic,ADHS,Adult Deficit Disorder. No MSG. No Preservatives. Breads only when 100% whole wheat grain and then only a little bread/cereal per day w plenty fluids. Drink vegee-8type infusion w fruits and either boil your water or drink mineral water NOT 'Drinkking Water' in store for a dollar! Our bodies were not created to deal w chemicals,preservatives, hormonal growth hormones, genitic changing our fruits and vegees so they have no seeds,taste better,last longer,grow faster.... folks, we are being lied to. These bad chems in products roam our bodies doing harm to our tissues because our body does not know how to process them.Cause DIABETES! they are not food. Do not digest. Also There are no caked old crude of fecal materials caked along the insides of our colons. Vegees,fruits,water,etc. keep bowells moving everyday and MUST move everyday. If no BM everyday,fluids pass in and out of colon in a matter of moments and can push bad bacteria back into our peritoneal cavity which then our immune systems gets overworked trying to clean up the dodo. a small amount of epsom salt in warm water can get action. Gentler can be prunes, Citrocel, Vegee Lax,etc.
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