I've heard that if you feel beautiful, you look beautiful. Any helpful hints for this?


This is absolutely true. Feeling beautiful really does make you beautiful. Here's a couple tips that you can do just by looking in the mirror:

  1. Look in the mirror. Frown, and then smile. What happens? Smiling completely lights up your face. Smile while complimenting yourself on something…anything. Remember that during the day…keep complimenting and keep exuding that inner (and therefore outer) beauty!
  2. Make an effort not to focus on a flaw. Instead, pick one part of your face or body and concentrate on the positive. Say to yourself "wow, that dimple is really sexy" or "check out the color of my eyes…they're fantastic!" Finding more than one amazing feature? Of course you are!

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I've heard that if you feel beautiful, you look beautiful. Any helpful hints for this?

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  • Date: November 18, 2010
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  • yellville Ar
  • Beauty is as beauty does.

  • True beauty is any human caring for or giving to another human. All of the 'typical' looks on the outside are nothing if the way we act is displeasing. When I smile, I actually feel happier. When I catch a fleeting glimpse of myself as I pass my reflection, and perhaps I am worried and have a frown or sad look to my eyes and mouth, I begin to feel sad right then. After I realize it, and smile for myself, I feel better, probably more pleasing for others also. Also smiling is contagious, free and refreshing. A smile can actually save a person's life if they were so close to feeling so down and out, you smile, they can not help but smile back and from there, hope for another smile,a better moment,etc.
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